Jaden & Friends!


In the summer of 2016, right after high school graduation, I found myself not quite sure of what to do. I was taking a gap year before college with my friends and found myself with a lot of free time and creativity. It wasn't

long before I fell in love

with the vision of a boy

and his three best friends

going on childish

adventures after school.

I dreamt of them solving

mysteries, having drag

races, tossing popcorn

into each other's mouths

on a lazy Saturday. I also

saw them facing personal

loss, heartbreak, and

substance abuse. The

novel which is under

the placeholder title

'Jaden & Friends' is truthfully one of the most significant projects I will ever work on. A world where I get to make all the rules. You will never guess what's next

in this unconventional, dreamlike tale.

To date, the work stands tall at a massive one hundred and eighteen thousand words, 13 chapters, and an epilogue. There was so much my brain created for the world of Gossamer. I wanted the reader to see the

cast on their good days as

well as their bad.

Chapters where I could

delve into the intricacies and

nuance of their relationships.

It has been several years

since the summer of 2016

and there is still work to be

done. Curbing my loquacious

style of writing is most of

the battle. In 2019 I noticed

 that my to-do list of projects

was piling up in the

background. Things I could do

or make in a fraction of the time

it takes to write (which is a very

long process) were being pushed off 2-3 years into the future. So I decided to put the novel on pause to assuage the large pile of projects that were on hold. You'll get to read it ;)